Itineraries in Versilia and Apuan Alps

MT. GABBERI (1140 m)

Nice and easy walk in the scenic trails nearby Camaiore. From the top of Mt. Gabberi you take in a glance the Tirrenian sea and all the huge peaks all around you.
On the way back we’ll take a rest in Agriturismo to enjoy tasty food & drinks.

Climbing: 600 mt                    Time: 3,30 h            Difficulty: easy

MT. MATANNA (1317 m)

Great walk in the southern Apuan Alps, huge views to the coast far away. From Tre Scolli, a village on the hills, walking on ancient paths we reach an Agriturismo set on a beautiful spot among mountains, and then we walk to M. Matanna (1140 mt). Wonderful views to the coast, the sea and peaks all around.

Climbing: 700 mt                    Time: 4 h                  Difficulty: medium

MT.PROCINTO (1177 m).

Mt. Procinto is an impressive rocky tower set in the heart of Apuan Alps Park. From Stazzema, an ancient little village, we walk through deep green chessnut woods to reach Hut Forte dei Marmi, just in front of a huge mountain’s rock face. Then we walk to Mt. Procinto, to get great views to peaks all around and the sea far away. On the way back we’ll take a rest in Agriturismo to enjoy tasty food & drink.

Climbing: 500 mt                    Time: 4 h                  Difficulty: easy


Pleasant walks through ancient paths, woods and little villages in the hills around Camaiore. There are a lot of beautiful itineraries: “Montebello-Monteggiori” links two tiny villages with sea views, while “Candalla Mills” goes beside a fresh stream near an ancient mills, to reach Casoli and Metato villages. Wonderful views to the sea and green valleys. On the way back visit to the middle-age church in Camaiore.

Climbing: 400 m                      Time: 3 h                  Difficulty: easy


Beautiful and easy walk in the hills nearby Camaiore and visit to Grotta all’Onda, a huge cave were Neanderthal people used to live.

Climbing : 300     Time: 3 h      Difficulty: easy


MT. PRANA (1221 m)

Mt Prana is the southern peak of the Apuan Alps, and rises above Camaiore Valley. Starting from little village Metato (408 m) we reach Campo all’Orzo and Mt Prana’s peak.

The trail goes throught chestnut woods, terraced fields, meadows and beautiful landscapes with great views to the sea far away.

Climbing: 600 m    Time: 4 h     Difficulty: medium

MT.FORATO (1223 m)

A great hike in the heart of Apuan Alps Park, you can’t miss it! Walking through woods, rocky peaks and ancient trails we reach Mt. Forato’s huge rock arch, a fantastic view point to the Sea and the inner part of Tuscany. On the way we’ll stop in a Agriturismo to enjoy tasty food & drinks.

Climbing: 600 mt                    Time: 5 h                  Difficulty: medium

MT. SUMBRA (1764 m)

The hike to Mt Sumbra it’s one of the most beautiful and scenic you can find in the Apuan Alps. Walking though grassy slopes, beech woods and huge rocky faces we reach the peak, a magnificent view point. All around us mountains, green valleys , deep forests and the sea far away. On the way back we stop in agriturismo to enjoy typical tasty food.

Climbing: 600 mt                     Time: 5 h              Difficulty: medium


Nice walk on the ancient trails nearby the village of Pruno, set just in front of Monte Forato. On the way we’ll see old mills still working, chessnut wood, huge prateries and old farms.

Climbing: 500 mt            Time: 3 h         Difficulty: easy


Great hike to the “Queen of Apuan Alps”, a huge peak shaped as a piramid that rises between sky and sea.The climb starts through beech woods to reach Hut Rossi (1609 m). Than we walk on rocky trails to the top of Mt. Pania, to take in a glance the sea, the mountains and the islands far away.

Climbing: 750 m       Time: 6,30 h           Difficulty: medium


Nice and easy walk in the wild heart of Lucca countryside, to reach Mt. Pratofiorito, set in the inner part of Tuscany, a place that was said to be visited by witches and magic powers. On the way back we visit Bagni di Lucca, famous for thermal baths.

Climbing: 500 m       Time 3 h             Difficulty: easy